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Kočer's Electronic Circular and Information

Česká verze je zde. / For Czech version look here.
Many of our friends and prayer partners asked us for updated information on us, we decided to create this web page and we called it - K.E.C.I.
K.E.C.I. is an abreviation of Kočer's Electronic Circular and Information, the abbreviation itself has meaning in Czech langue and means chit-chat.
We'd like to write here short diary messages, our thoughts, our joys and strugles so that readers of these pages could share our joy and God's viktory in our lives and ministry as well as they can help us in prayers.
"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Gal 6,2


Happy New Year 2009

We (Michal and Martina) wish you Happy New Year 2009 in God's presence and full of God's blessings. 

From this time we will write our blog only in Czech, but if you like to know what is new in our life, send us an email, please. We will be very glad to send you some info about us or our prayer letter in English. God bless you.


Youth conference in Sweden

Last 5 days we (Michal and Martina) spent in Sweden where was the conference for youth.  We met the youth leader there and we invited him and his youth to our youth conference which will be in January in Brno (Czech Rep.). We were in Sweden first time and it was interesting experience for us. Our accommodation was in a Czech family, Pavel and Lucka Hofman. They are the interpreters of Bible and Pavel works as a teacher at the university in Upsala, Sweden. It was nice to spent some time in that family.

Youth camp at Poušť

Last week our youth had a school holiday and we spent it together at a place calling Poušť (in English it means desert). Poušť is wonderful place in the middle of a wood, quiet place with a nice atmosphere. We had a Bible study, played games, share our experiences, went for a walk and so on. Our Bible study was about Jesus and his time at the desert. We were thinking and speaking about what would be a time at the desert in our lifes. We worshiped God and we were seeking his will for our lifes. It was very blessed time.

Meeting in Pardubice

Yesterday we were in Pardubice (it is a town in the middle of the Czech Rep.). We (Michal and Martina) were invited to have a talk for the mums from the MOPS - Mothers of preschoolers. We talked about how the children undergo an evolution, what is typical for each age and what is the role of parents in these ages. It was a great time to be there.

Conference for youth

Today we were at meeting with pastors and youth leaders from our denomination and we discussed about youth ministry. We (Michal and Martina) gave a speech about young people, youth ministry and about differences between modern and postmodern culture. Then we had very good discussion and we prayed together. We asked God to show us what to do in youth ministry together us denomination. The meeting was very good and we decided to prepare a conference for youth from our denomination in the end of January 2009. Now we are praying for God wisdom and inspiration and God's leading to preparation of the conference. Please, pray with us for preparation and for youth to come and let God to touch their life. 

Youth camp

Youth camp was fantastic. We spent seven days together and that time was very blessed. We were there with teens from our church, but there were two new teens and several teens from other churches too. In the morning we were common time when we praised the Lord, prayed together and worshiped God. Then teens had their personal time when they though about them as a creation of God. The main theme for our youth camp was Human and we though about human who has four connections - with God, with him self, with people and with surround. After that time we had free time for games, swimming, walking and so on. At the evening we red about King David (from the Bible) and we though together about his life - about God's dreams in his life and about its fulfillment. We worshiped God and prayed to know God's dreams in our life. 

Oliver & Evelyn Storz weding

The day of the 10th August is very special day for us because we have our anniversary of our weding (Michal and Martina). At the same date we were in Rutzenmoos in Austria because Oliver and Evelyn Storz had their weding. It was great to be there together with them. After weding we went to Attersee in the Alps and we stayed there over the night. The day after we were walking through mountains and swimming in the see. It was beautiful day for us and we enjoyed it very much. 

Music-art festival X-Ray

On Monday (21th) we went to Nesměř becauce from Manday to Thursday we were preparing that place for festival. We went with a group of people from our churche (mainly teens from our youth group). We were there with other people from other places in Czech Republic. On Thuesday early morning a truck with equipment arrived and preparation was started. It was rather hard time when large tents and stages were built, a lot of chairs and tables were moved, every place was decorated and whole area was marked by signposts. There weren't enough voluntaries and everybody was very tired. Every day we prayed for God's strentgh and encouragement and it was amazing to see so small group of teens and young people how they worked despite of theyr tiredness and exhaustion. On Thursday at 2 p.m. registration was started and participants was coming. A program took place on 9 stages, there were many workshops, seminars and concerts. We were a bit upset because not so many participants were coming but at the end we saw it was God's wisdom because we didn't had enough strentgh, experiences and voluntiers. Festival was good and nonchristians were coming too (as voluntiers and participants). A lot of things weren't so good but from that we have now a lot of experiences and ideas how to do it in another way for next year. But we see very clearly it is good and God's way how to touch young people in our country. Please, pray with us for following things:

- see God's way in this project

- involvement of Czech churches in festival

- finance (we have loss 10,000 EUR because we didn't have enough participants)

- more active leaders and voluntiers for preparation of X-Ray in 2009

SLOT in Poland

On Wednesday we went to Karviná where we had a preparation meeting of X-Ray (new coming festival in Czech Rep.). Karviná is the town in the area of Czech Republic which is called Moravia and it is very near a border with Poland. In Karviná there is living Tibo with his family and Tibo is responsible for technical part of X-Ray with us. We talked together about how to prepare every equipment for festival (tents, stages, sound systems and so on), how to sort transportation, what is necesary to do in which day and so on. We had meetings with other people too in Karviná and Havířov. On Friday we went together with Tibo and Honza to Slot. Slot is a partnership art and music festival in Poland and theire leaders had invited us to see it. It was very good time for us to be there, attended their program, saw that place and administration. We enjoyed it very much.  

Velhartice & Šumava

Yesterday we came back from Velhartice where we spent whole last weekend. We were walking there because there are very nice forests and many castles and ruins around Velhartice. On Suterday there were a concert where three girls (Annička, Bohdanka and Jana) from our youth group were playing (piano, violin and cello). It was very nice to hear so fantastic music and saw so nice places. One day we visited synagogue in Hartmanice. That place has interesting history. In May 2006, after 68 years, the Mountain Synagogue in Harmanice was re-opened to public. The synagogue, built in year 1883 by the Hartmanice - Kundratice Jewish Community has had a moving past. After the annexation of the border regions because of the Munich Agreement in 1938, the synagogue was confiscated by the Nazi authorities and passed to a local carpenter who made it into a workshop and a warenhouse. It served the same purpose after the war when the Czechoslovak state took ownership. After the fall of communism, the synagogue has changed owners several times. In 2002, the Hartmanice Memorial Association was established with the goal to save the synagogue. After securing the money for reconstruction, the newly repaired building hosts exhibitions about the history and life in Šumava. Occasionally, concerts, lectures and temporary exhibits take place in synagugue as well. Very interesting exhibition is about the coexistence of Czechs, Germans and Jews in this area. And very sad is the exhibition about villages, settlements or farms that were within several kilometers from the border with Germany, were systematically eliminated. Among them were villages where hudreds of inhabitants had lived for generations. An absolute curiosity is the exhibition with documents about the event which is called Death March of Jewish Women that led through Hartmanice at the end of WWII. These also include a certificate of the questionings by American officer with the witnesses of this tragic event. We visited also Jewish cametery which is near Hartmanice. The cametery is destroyed, but the place is calm and pleasant.

Our study

On Tuesday I (Martina) passed my last exam in this school year (my second year at university) and Michal completed succesfully his first school year at university. Thanks God for His help and strenth for us in our study. 

Wedding - Poky & Anie

This morning we went to Tábor (the town 60 km far of České Budějovice) because our friends had a wedding. Weather was wonderful and the wedding party was outside in a park. It was nice to be with our friends in thet special time.

Preparation of X-Ray

Now (25.-27.6.) we are in Karviná and Havířov, two towns in Moravia part of Czech Republic and we have meetings about new art-music festival X-Ray. We are speaking about technical thing, program and about another important issue. Program looks very nice, but we have only small amount of voluntiers and less participants than we planed. Please, pray with us for more voluntiers and for more participants too.

Christmas of South hemisphere

This Suterday we spent together with our teens and theyr parents and we celebrated Jesus' birthday. Normaly we do it in December but in December here is snow and freeze, people are at houme and dark is very early. But people on the South hemisphere they have usually hot weather, sun shines, people are outside and have barbecue on the beach, meet friends and so on. We had dreamed about this kind od Christmas and then we decided to try it. We had normal Sunday service and then we went to a bank of a river where we had a barbecue. After barbecue our teens had a program for us. We had a wonderful time.
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