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K.E.C.I. is the name of our youth group in our home church. It is also the web address of the web pages of out youth group. But what does it mean? It is an abbreviation of our proclamation that we are commited to Jesus Christ, in Czech VYdaní JEžíši KRistu. "net" is there because each from us needs others, brothers and sesters, as a net. This net is very important for us because we need support, prayers and co-operation with other Christians as we're part of the same body of Christ.

The youth group has regular meetings on Friday from 5:30 p.m. till 10 p.m. We have fun together -- we chat, share testimonies and experiences with God, help each other with problems, and pray for each other. We worship God together, study His Word (Bible) and we pray.

We started this ministry in September 2003 with 3 teens from our home church. Then came several other teens and now we have about 30 young people in the group, not only from our town. God is great!

"Mini" - the meeting for younger teens

We started with this in January 2005 and meet each Tuesday in a small town 20 km from České Budějovice. Our teens bring their friends and speak with them about Jesus. Many of their freinds recived Jesus as Lord but now they cannot attend our youth group. A lot of them are younger than 15 years and they come from non-believing families. Their parents often won't allow them to meet with us or to be with our youth group. But they need to have Bible study, fellowship with other Christians, sharing their life feeling stories with else.

We spend time with several of them after their school teaching. We spend time together, play games, pray, and talk.... But some from these teens cannot attend our meeting because we are Christians. We tried to visit their family and speak with their parents but without good results.

Now we heve 4 of these teens - Monika, Agitka, Tomas and Monika. Please pray for them.

Some pictures from "Mini" are here.

TeenStreet preparation meeting in Mosbach

We are currently sitting at a meeting at OM Germany talking about more details of TeenStreet. 

In Europe there will be two TeenStreet congresses in 2005. One in Germany for teens mostly from Western countries and another in Czech Republic for teens mostly from Eastern countries of Europe and the Balkan countries. (We are responsible for TeenStreet Central Europe in Czech Rep.).

We are planning TiM (Teens in Mission) experiences after TeenStreet too. Small international groups will be going to different countries and will work with a local church. They will serve various ways following the local situation.

We arrived two days previously becouse Michal is ITA (Information Technology Adminstrator) for OM in Central Europe. OM Germany needed his help with installing a new server for their office.

We are going back to Czech Rep. tommorow afternoon and we will have a meeting with participants of TeenStreet 2004 in Prag on Saturday.

Pictures are here.

Spring school's holidays

We are here already for our fourth day together with our youth group. Where? In the small village called Habří. Our teens have spring holidays and outside is a lot of wonderful snow. The morning and evening we usually spend in Bible teaching on character of Christian /Fruits of Holy Spirit/, worshiping and praying.   The afternoon we have free crazy time, time for rest and study, but also for playing games. We go outside and we enjoy  the snow - we sledge, jump in the snow, walk .

Pictures are here.

"Houba" /Sponge/ - or the suction in another way

"Houba" is a regional meeting of young Christians in the Bretheran Church in Czech Rep. and our youth group has been invited there too. Our youth were leading worship and they were serving to other.

It was very exciting for us to see the fruits of our youth ministry in our home church. Just a year and half ago, only a few of these young people knew Jesus. More then 80% of them were not Christians in that time and now, they are in ministry for Jesus! Hallelujah!! God is amazing and He sends His blessings all the time in our life. We love to see  His  work around us.

Pictures are here.

Presentation of OM in Kolín

In Kolín there is a biblical school of the Apostolic Church. We were there several times in the past and we were tallking about mission.

Today several people from our team went there with us again. We were presenting OM generally, OM-Czech our visions and ministry. We encouraged these young people for searching God's will for their life and we chalenged them for mission.

We haven't got any pictures from this visit :( sorry.


TeenStreet presentation Missionary training school in Hungary

Yesterday we went from Č.Budějovice to Stockerau (close Vienna) and we had a meeting with David Black Dave is working in OM-Greater Europe and he is helping us with TeenStreet-CE. He is responsible for organizing workshops and seminars during TeenStreet-CE. We were talking about TeenStreet, workshops, seminars and details.

Today morning we were going together to Erd in Hungary. There is OM's missionary training school for missionaries in Europe. We were spending time with new missionaries and we presented TeenStreet-CE.

Now we are going back to Vienna and tomorrow we will go back to Č.Budějovice.

Pictures are here.


"Šumák" is the name for a special powder which you give to the water the power is dissolving and whole dring is rustling. We have used this name for our church service for youth in our home church because we would like recruit the young people for God. Our vision is to encourage this teens for 100% life with Jesus and for their carrying Jesus to else. For living in the centre of sociaty and make changeover ther as "Šumák".

Today (3.February) our youth served in the first church service for youth - for young non Christians and Christians together.

It was very nice to see young people serve for God's Kingdom - preach, worship, prayr for the others, tall their story from the daily life with Jesus.

We plan to have "Šumák" each first Thursday in the month.

Pictures are here.

Fully in the Mission

1.January 2005 was monday and our first working day in mission on full time. Today (10.Jan05) we had a special breakfast for  wholle team of OM-Czech followed by devotional time and prayers. We prayed for each member of our team and we spoke about God's vision for us and our service.

For more pictures see this gallery

The end of the year 2004

The end of the year 2004 was fantastic. We spent several days with our teens group in the small vilage very near České Budějovice. Our pastor Kája Sedláček and his wife were  with us and Kája was teaching us from the Bible. The teachnig was focused to Holy Spirit and his gifts. We were playing a lot of games, singing the songs, praising the Lord, speaking about our life and more. We all were encouraged in our friendship with Jesus.

You can find more pictures here.

November TeenStreet meeting

Every year the OM home office representatives (HO-reps)  and TeenStreet coordinators evaluate summer TeenStreet congres in November in Mosbach, Germany. This year we had this November TeenStreet meeting just following the Pan Evropean and Area meetings, so we spend 7 full days in Mosbach :-)

...more pictures

Beside the TS evaluation we discussued the TeenStreet issues for next year, including  teenstreet for Central and East Europe in Czech Republic. We had many chats with coordintators and people around teenstreet in Germany, we had many new ideas how to proceed. We're glad that God has given us next commited person to our preparation team - Dave Black. He's working as area Gobal Challange officer and he's based in Austria. That was one fullfilement of one of our prayer. We're desperately calling for someone else who will join us - thank you Jesus!

Pan Evropean meeting of OM in Mosbach

We (Micha as area IT admin and Martina area bookeeper) attended Pan Evropean meeting in Mosbach, since November 9 to November 13.

There was first winter snow fall on the way to Mosbach, therefore we experienced slow and long way to Mosbach. However, that was great to see the white countryside :-)

On the route

...more pictures

That was good to have a fellowship with other OMers, to get know the faces behind e-mail addresses, to see the pation for ministry in different fields of ministry for God.

The meeting was followed by regular area leaders meeting. The bad thing on all the meeting was, that our field leader (F/L) Pavel Zoul was sick so he could not come.

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