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This Saturday five people from our churche and two teens (Majda and David) were baptized. One family from the churche in Český Krumlov has theyr garden on a bank of the river Vltava and we met there. We had a celebration and then we had a garden party. It was nice time when we were together, worshiped God and had a common meal. 

Go down the river

This weekend we spent with our teens together and we went down a river on the boats. On Friday we went to a camp in Vyšší Brod where we spent afternoon in the river. We were training swimming, canoing and we had fun. At the evening we did a barbecue and then we slept in the tents. On Suterday morning our river trip was started. We were traveling whole the day and we traveled 48 km on the boats. At the Suterday evening we arived to Český Krumlov where was the end of our trip. We had prayed for nice weather and safety and God was blessing us whole the time. Weather was wonderful and everything was OK. God is great.

Training for guides

Last four days we spent in a camp near Český Krumlov. We were there because we attended a training for guides for canoeing down the Czech rivers (we call it water tourism here). Each year we do canoeing on the river Vltava with our teens and for this it is necessary to have this special training. It was a great time for us (Michal and Martina). The training was hard but super.We were there with a small group of people (nonchristians) and we could share our life with them.

You can find more pictures in our gallery.

Michal's school

From Monday to Friday Michal is at his school again. He went there with our pastor Petr who is study with Michal. On Monday they passed the firs their exam and the rest of week they are studying New Testament. 

Young life

Yesterday we were in Prague again. During the day we had a meeting about X-Ray again (about the stage Chapel and Mind) and at the evening we were at youth meeting of Young life. Young Life is organisation which seeks to carry the message of Jesus Christ into that tumultuous tide and points teenagers toward life as they were created to live it. Since 1941, the dynamic that has characterized Young Life is its commitment to relationships — Young Life leaders meeting kids on their turf in the interest of friendship. As leaders get to know teenagers, they are able to share the love of Jesus Christ through platforms like Young Life club, Campaigners and trips to camp.Whether kids are seeking answers or just acceptance, Young Life is there for them, armed with a desire for fun and the ultimate message of hope. At the meeting there were about 20 teens. We had a fun, played games, were singing and had a snack together. It was nice time with teens and our friends. (Martin Hasík, leader of Young life, prepare X-Ray with us.) 

For more pictures see the gallery.

X-Ray meeting in Prague

Yesterday we went to Prague where we met with X-Ray preparation team. We were discusing about one part of this festival and it was the Chapel. The Chapel is the name of the stage where should be a programme about Jesus and life with Him. The programme will included worship, prayer, sharing gospel and so on. After the meeting we had a free time in Prague.

New place for our church

This week is special for our church becase we have a new place for us. The old one was too small for us and it was on the periphery of České Budějovice. But this new place is in the middle of the town and it is big and nice. It is beside swimming hall, athletic field, near large park and playground. Praice the Lord.

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Easter conference

From 21 to 23 of March our church had Easter conference. We were together and we worship God, were praying and had preaching. On Saturday evening we had evangelistic meeting and we had invited our friends, family members and other people not only from our town. The conference room was full of people and when preacher asked them who wanted to receive Christ, probably 10 people stood up. Then he asked who had any health problems and needed prayers and more then 90 people to come ahead. It was amazing. God is great.

You can find more pictures in our youthgroup gallery.

Trip to Brno

This morning we went to Brno. Our Pastor Petr was preaching there in the churche World of Life and we were there with him. I met Lenka there. Lenka is the girl from our church in Český Krumlov and she study in Brno. Last week was very hard for her because her friend died. He was ill with cancer and Lenka was praying for his healing. His death shocked her very much. When we went to Brno I asked God why I should go there. I knew I should go there but why? What God prepared for me there? And then I understood it. Lenka was very down and she needed giv a hug and to be with somebody who is close to her. We spend time together, she was crying and then she was able to speak with God about it. God is good Father and He give us what we need in the right time.

Geocaching event

We have a new friends. How that happen? Several month ago we heard about geocaching and from that time we have interested in it. Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users (but not only). Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a gps unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to leave something in the cache.

Through this game we met many new friends especially nonchristians friends. Geocaching is the great opportunity to be with them. Yesterday we were at Geocaching event which was in our town. It was nice time when we shared our experience, talked to each other, had coke and fun.

Michal at University

This week is the first week when Michal is at university because he started studiing of Pastoral Theological Program. The program consists of ten academic courses, which can be included in different degrees. The university is the Livets Ord University in Sweden with a branch in Austria (in Gutenstein near Vienna). Michal doesn't study there every day, he should be there only several times per year. Main study is individual study through internet and books. Michal likes this study very much.

Trip to Moravia

Last week we spent at Moravien part of Czech Republic. We had several meetings there about upcoming art-music fest X-Ray, about prayer rooms 24/7 and about youth ministry.

Moravia is a special part of our republic where there are many churches and Christians. Moravia is historicaly the place where Moravian brethren had been living. In 1722 they had to escape from the country because persecution. They had moved to Berthelsdorf, the estate of Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, a nobleman who had been brought up in the traditions of Pietism. Out of a personal commitment to helping the poor and needy, he agreed to a request from their leader (Christian David, an itinerant carpenter) that they be allowed to settle on his lands in the Oberlausitz in the east of modern-day Germany.
The refugees established a new village called Herrnhut, about 2 miles (3 km) from Berthelsdorf. The town initially grew steadily, but major religious disagreements emerged and by 1721 the community was divided into warring factions. Then, in 1727 the community underwent a dramatic transformation when the inhabitants of Herrnhut "Learned to love one another," following an experience which they attributed to a visitation of the Holy Spirit  similar to that recorded in the Bible on the day of Pentecost.
Herrnhut grew rapidly following this transforming revival and became the centre of a major movement for Christian renewal and mission during the 18th century. Moravian historians identify the main achievements of this period as:

  1. Setting a up a watch of continuous prayer which ran uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, for 100 years.
  2. The origination of the Daily Watchwords
  3. The establishment of over 30 settlements globally on the Herrnhut model, which emphasised a lifestyle of prayer and worship and a form of communal living in which personal property was still held but simplicity of lifestyle and generosity with wealth were considered important spiritual attributes. As a result, divisions between social groups and extremes of wealth and poverty were largely eliminated.
  4. The start of missionary work which was the first large scale Protestant mission movement. The church sent hundreds of Christian missionaries to many parts of the world including the Caribbean, North and South America, the Arctic, Africa, and the Far East. They were also the first to go to slaves.
  5. The formation of many hundreds of small renewal groups operating within the existing churches of Europe, known as "diaspora societies". These groups encouraged personal prayer and worship, bible study, confession of sins and mutual accountability.

First meeting we had with the people from Image33, the Christian organisation which prepare art-music festival X-Ray. We spoke about preparation, program, technical thing, presentation and so on.

Then we met people who are involve in 24-7prayer which started by accident in September 1999, with a bunch of young people in England who got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month. God turned up and they couldn't stop til Christmas! From there the prayer meeting has spread into many nations, denominations and age-groups. Hundreds of non-stop prayer meetings now link up here on the web to form a unique chain of prayer. We interested in this prayer chain and we would like to have a prayer room of 24-7 in České Budějovice too. We asked how to prepare our town and churches for 24-7, what is necessary to do, how to provide the prayer room. Now we pray for the right time - God time, to start.

We met several youth leaders and we spoke about their ministry and their experiences because they run clubs, competitions and meetings not only for Christian teens but for unbelievers too. We learned how to built a team, how to cooperate and how to prepare interdenominational projects. We received some God's dreams for our ministry, but we need more people for our team. We pray for them and for the God's leading for us and our ministry.

The last day of 2007

The last day of the year 2007 and the first day of the new year of 2008 we (Michal and Martina) spent with our youth group in Český Krumlov. We started our party with a game in the centre of the town and then we continued inside and we were playing games, competitions and desk games. We worshiped our God, prayed and God talked to us about sanctification from the Old Testament: 2 Paralipomenon 7:14. In the midle of night we went to a view and we watched fireworks. It was nice time for us and now we expect what God will do with us, teens and with our church because the church recived the similar word from God. Please, pray for us in the new year of 2008.


We celebrated the birth of our Lord in our church in České Budějovice. We prepared a special Christmas celebration and people from our church invited their friends and family members. Before Christmas we were in the church in Český Krumlov where our youth, children and their parents prepared Christmas party. Teens and children showed dramas and sketches and they had a concert. It was very nice time for us. Christmas eve we spent with Martina's mam and next day after we visited Michal's parents. Last several days we had free time and we took advantage of iceskating. This winter in Czech Republic is almost without snow but every ponds, lakes and some rivers have frozen over. It is wonderful and many people spend time outside and iceskating. Martina has Christmas holiday but she have to study because she will have two exams in two next weeks. New Year's Eve we will spend with our youth in Český Krumlov.

Meeting in Prague

Last Friday we were in Prague where we had a meeting with main coordinators of new Czech evangelistic art music festival with name X-Ray. We were together all the day and we spoke about programe, public relation, technical things and so on. We (Michal and Martina) presented there internet prayer chain with name P-Ray for Christian teens and young people. They will pray for X-Ray festival but mainly for their freinds who don't know Christ and who they will invite to X-Ray. It was very exciting to prepare and to plan this new festival in our country. We are very glad that God called us to His work in our country. Please, pray for our country to find Christ.
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