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Dancing lessons

Some of our youth attended a dancing lessons. They had the dancing lesson each Sunday evening. Lessons were in very nice historical building in beautiful town Český Krumlov. At the end of the dancing lessons the had a gala and they invited us to come. We were there yesterday and it was wonderful. The gala was in old castle riding-school where is dance hall now. It was nice to watch not only our youth in lovely outfit, boys behaved well as gentlemen and girls were as princess. There were pleasant atmosphere and we enjoyed it very much.

Upcoming art-music festival X-Ray

Yesterday we tried our new car and we were in Třebíč. Třebíč is the town at Moravian part of Czech Republic. We met Michal and Tibo who prepare a new art-music festival X-Ray with us. We were discusing many topics about the festival and we were preparing a prayer movement for the festival. We would like to encourage teens and young people in our country to step into the prayrs not only for festival but for their nonbeliever friends and for our society too. We encourage Christian teens to pray for one their nonbeliever friend from now and to invite him or her to the festival. The prayer movement we call P-Ray and our vision is that prayers will cross our county as a x-ray. The Festival will be in July 24-27, in 2008. Please, pray for us and for our team because we need to recruit more people for preparation team. Please, pray for teens and young people in Czech Republic to join P-Ray and for their nonbeliever friends to come to X-Ray.

New car

On monday our church bought a new car for youth ministry. We are very glad and we praise God for it. Today Michal went to Český Krumlov by the new car and now he is leading a youth prayer meeting there. The prayer meeting is regularly each Thursday at midle school. Til now only four girls meet there but they invite constantly other Christian teens from the midle school. Two weeks ago they have started a fasting chain for their schoolmates, teachers and whole atmosphere at the midle school. We (Michal and Martina) have joined them but only as suport people because their idea is to attract their Christian schoolmates firstly. If you would like to suport this fasting chain too, please write us because it is possible and it will be huge encouragement for our teens. Please, pray for them and for other Christian teens at this school to join the prayer meeting and the fasting chain.

Youth weekend

Last four days we were together with our teens at the place in the middle of forest. We spent time with God in prayers, worship time and we share our experiences with God from our life. We read story about Noe and we were thinking about Noe and about his walking with God. In České Budějovice where we live there is a nice autumn weather but at that place there was snow and winter. We played winter games outside and then we enjoyed hot tea and pleasant atmosphere inside. This time was good time for us and for our teens too.

Youth weekend at Veselka

Last four days we spent with our youth group at the place 60 km far of České Budějovice where we live. It was time when we were together, sharing our life, played games and we walked. In the morning we spent time with God, read Psalm 123 and shared what God was talking to us. We were praying together and worshiping God. In the evening we read Bible and were thinking about it. It was wery good time for us and for our teens. Our next common time will be at the end of October. Please, pray for us, our teens and for preparation of this time. We need your prayers for a car which we need. Now we are without any car and we must use public transport or borrow a car from somebody. Sometimes it is very complicated for us mainly if we prepare common time for youth. All teens don't life in Český Krumlov, but in the small vilages in surroundings of Český Krumlov where we have youth meetings. Our car was sometimes the only way how to take some teens to our youth meeting each Saturday. For example Pauli, he must ofter stay at home now, because for his parents it isn't possible to take him to the meetings.

Hillsong's concert in Budapest

Yesterday we were going to Budapest in Hungary, because Hillsong was there. We were going nearly all the they, from Czech Rep. through Austria to Hungary. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and it was set up originaly from three cities which were located on the banks of the river Donau. It was in 1873 and the cities were Buda, Old Buda and Pest. Budapest is historical city with very nice historical buildings. The concert of Hillsong was in a amphitheatre in the centre of city park. It was powerfull worship time with brilliant music. Thanks God that we would be there.

Youth camp

Last week of school holiday we spent with our youth group at youth camp. We had very good time together and with God too. During morning we did individual bible study which we call Big Adventure. Big Adventure is for each day and contain verses from Bible for the day, some guestions about these verses for meditation and some time only for God's speaking and listening. Then we shared what God's showed us during Big Adventure time. Afternoon we had free time, played games, did sports, had creative workshops and so on. In the evening we had bible study about Joseph and about his dreams from God. Joseph had received some dreams but it had took long time than he had seen their fulfilment. God has a dream about everybody, we should want to know this dream but then it takes usually some time than this dream will be reality of our life. This time is not empty time, it is time for God's work with us and our preparing for fulfilment of the dream.

Three teens (Luki, Hanki and Monča) were baptized there. All the time we can see how God talked to teens and throw them to each other and to us. It was amazing to be there with God and our teens. Please, pray with us for Monča and her parents who are unbelievers and they don't agree with Monča's faith and it was first time when they allowed Monča to atended youth camp. Monča had prayed for it three years and their disegreement is strong.

You can find hunderts of  pictures here

Meeting with Majda

Majda is a girl from our youth group and she thinks about to be baptised. We met in Český Krumlov and we spoke about her friendship with Jesus and about her decision for Christ and baptism. Majda didn´t make finaly decision about her baptism but we believe this time was helpfull for her to make this decision in right time. Please pray for her with us.

Surfing on the woods

This day our youth group spent at Nikola´s house and we helped her with a fire-wood. Nikola sometimes attend our church, her mentally health is not in good conditions and people from our church care about her. Her house (manor) is at nice place but in very bad situation (in this very dry summer there is not wather, roof is full of holes and floor is rotten) and she has not enough money and any power for repairig. Nikola needed woods for heating during coming winter and behind her house were downfallen big trees. We worked up the trees and now Nikola has some fire-wood for winter. We had good time during this work with our teens and we can see as Nikola was glad for this help. Nikola is very shy and she is afraid people especialy unknown people. But today she spent time with us whole the day and she seemed to be happy in our group. We pray for God´s recovery for Nikola and for whole situation in her family and with her house.

Meeting with Luky

Today we were in Český Krumlov and Michal met Luky. Luky is a boy from our youth group and he would like to be baptised. Usually if somebody want to be baptised we have special time when we speak about baptism. Michal spoke with Luky about his believe, about his friendship with Jesus and about why he wants to be baptised. He will be baptised during our youth camp at the end of August. I (Martina) met Luky´s sester Monika and we had good time when we spoke about her life, friendship with Jesus and about her friendship with her unbeliever boy.  

Concert of Rebecca James

Yesterday we were at Tábor (the town 60 km far of the place where we live) where was a concert of Rebecca St.James. The concert was part of a program at youth congress for catholic teens. The congress was there whole week and more than 6000 people attended it. Concert was good and we met several our friends, schoolmates and leader of Exit316 (Christian TV program for teens in Czech Rep.) there. That was awsome to se the open heart of Rebecca for youth and as she shared about purity and promoted her 'Wait for Him' movement; all her concert was full of focus on Jesus and His work throuth people who devoted their lifes to Him.
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Campfest in Slovakia

Last several days we spent in Slovakia where there a music festival for youth - Campfest. The festival is provided by Youth for Christ at Slovakia and there were more than 3000 people there. Many Christian music groups and bands performed there. We were there with a group of our teens and teens attended concerts, seminars and workshops at festival and one day we were together in ice cave. It was good time to be there with many many other teens at very nice place at the Tatra mountains.

Campfest is similar festival as a festival which we prepare in Czech Republic - X-Ray and for that we met leaders of Campfest and we spoke about fests organising and about possibility for our cooperation. The meeting was very good and we received important information which can halp us in preparation of X-Ray and the doors for our cooperation was opened. We are very glad for it and praise the Lord for what he has done. We had several meetings therwith preparation team of X-Ray and we spoke about structure and we about how encourage Czech teens and Czech churche to pray and cooperate with us to make X-Ray reality in Czech republic in 2008.

There is more pictures to see in here.


From 22 to 29 of July we (Michal and Martina) were at Kristfest. Kristfest is the festival for Christian teens from our country. The program consist of preaching, worship time, prayers, seminars, workshops and games. This year there were 380 teens. During Kristfest we had two seminars. One about Changes - we can have stable life only if we follow changes and we can choose if this changes will be to life or to death. And the second seminars was about modern and postmodern culture. We led one morning service and we participated in one night talk show about marriage and relationships between girls and boys. During afternoon we served at fest oasis as counselors.

Fest oasis is the place where teens can come and talk about their problems or with their questions. We had several meeting too about a new music art fest X-Ray which we prepare for next year. The time at Kristfest was very good time for us. We were together with God and with people and we could see how God works in their life. We met Honza and he shered his life and his faith with us. It was very encouraging for us. He is 17 and he knows Jesus only 4 months but he was full of Gods joy and God does so big changes in his life. He was baptized there and he served in prayer teem during Kristfest. Honza´s family is still unbelievers and in the town where he lives there isn´t any church. Please, pray for Honza, his family and for a church or Christian group where Honza could come.

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Church on a river

From th 16 to the 20 of July were people from our church on holiday together. Several families, many children and teens spent one weekend on the boats. We (Michal and Martina) did a service for them. We had a big car and loaded all of theyr tents, sleeping bags and another things to the car and took it to next camp. Then we were waiting for them and preparing our camp place for them. At the evening we prepared a short walk for our teens to the castle in Rozmberk or we swam in the river or did a water battles. The weather was very nice and hot enough for the time on the boats.

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Concert in the castle Velhartice

Yesterday we were going to a small town in the midle of Bohemian Forest. The small town is called Velhartice and there is amazing castle and around this castle there is amazing nature. Jana and Anička, two girls from our youth group are there for a week and they play classic music for turist during tours. Yesterdy evening they had a concert and we enjoyed it very much.

You can find more pictures in gallery.

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