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Christmas celebration

Month ago we and our teens have dreamed about Christmas at South hemisphere because Christmas there is in the middle of summer. Christmas time in Czech Republic is in the middle of winter, weather is very could and snow is all around. People are at home only with their families. We were dreaming about Christmas time when everyone is outside, people meet their friends, swimming, have a barbecue. And then we said: "Let´s to have Christmas just now at the 24-th of June." It was great idea and we started preparation. This day, in the morning, we had a church service in Christmass decorated church and after service the Christmas celebration was started. We invited people from our church to be with us and celebrate Jesus´ birthday and we had Christmas lunch together but not traditional Middle European Christmas lunch but we had what is traditional for people at South hemisphere - cheese, ham, fish, rice, fruit, vegetables, Christmas cookies. Teens prepared some Christmas program - Christmas songs and traditional Czech fairy tale. The Evening we spend on a bank of the river Vltava and we had barbecue there. This day was great and we enjoyed this Christmas very much, praise the Lord.

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Concert in the synagogue

In Český Krumlov there is a old synagogue which is now before reconstruction. After the reconstruction it will be the place for concerts and exposition. But this evening there were the first concert of a choir call "Medvíďata" (Little Bears). This choir attend three girls from our youth group - Pavlínka, Majda and Bohdanka. We were at the concert and kids and teens were singing very well and the interior of synagogue was amazing even before the reconstruction.

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Today was nice weather, rather cold, sometimes the raine was coming but the Sune was shining almost all the day. Jana, Bohdanka, Anička and Madlenka - four girls from our youth group decided to be baptized in the river Vltava in Český Krumlov. We had a short service there and then they were baptized and we had a celebration. It was nice time and we worshiped and praised our God.

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The river Vltava Canoeing

This year again our youth group spent weekend on the boats. We started in the small historical town Vyšší Brod on Friday and the end was in the small vilage near České Budějovice on Sunday. The weather was nice warm and sun was shining but on Saturday evening the rain was coming and it was very havy rain and we were on the wather. It was very interesting situation. We went to the church by cars and slept in the warm dry room. On Sunday was raining all the day but atmosphere was good and we enjoined that day very much. God was with us and we experienced it a lot.
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Preparation of X-ray music-art fest in CZ

X-ray it is the name of a new evangelistic art-music fest which we preparing in Czech Republic in 2008. We had a meeting with another youth leaders in Brno and we were discusing some details about this new fest. We plan to realize X-ray in July of 2008 somewhere aroung the town Brno because it is nearly in the middle of our country. Our purpose is to offer X-ray to Christian teens as place where they can invite their non-Christian friends to. We plan to cooperate with czech churches and we were discused how to do it and what is necessary to prepare. We believe that X-ray is God´s tool for salvation of our nation.

Public holiday

This day was a public holiday and teens had free day. We spent this day together - we were playing games, sharing and we had a lunch. It was nice day for teens and for us too.

You can find more pictures from this day here.

Opening party

This Sunday we were opening a new youth club in our church in Český Krumlov. It is the first time when we have a special place for youth meetings. We will use this place for our common Saturday meetings and for another youth activities. Our teens refurbished this rooms themselfs and prepared the party for their parents and friends. They had a short concert too.

More pictures here in gallery.

Prayers for grammar school in Český Krumlov

Our Christian meeting at the grammar school (kind of high school) in Český Krumlov continues. Some other students are joining us in worships and prayers after their school day every week on Tuesday. Today was so nice spring weather, so we went outside and we prayed literally over the school. The students are really enjoing that time, they are bringing their school mates and teachers in front of Lords Throne and they intercede with full heart for changes in their schools. That's awsome to be part of that. Praise the Lord!

Easter conference

During this Easter, our church prepared a conference. The first meating was on Friday and second on Saturday. We celebrated Easter as it is writen in 1stCorinthians 5:7-8. We spent time together, we had preaching, time of reconciliation, prayer time and we were worshiping God. It was very good time for us and for teens from our youth group too. During lunch time on Saturday we had a walk with our youth and at Saturday evening, there were a concert of the band (Trinity Worship Band) from our church and before it our youth band had a short concert.

You can see some pictures here.

Painting new youth club

Yesterday youth from our youth group in Český Krumlov and we (Michal and Martina) were painting our new room. It was very good time when we were together, worked and had fun and common experience. Church have rented new rooms for youth. Our plan is to repaint this room and to furnish it as youth club not only for youth from our church but for their non christian friends too. We will continue with painting next Thursday what is school holiday.

You can find some pictures in here.


Yesterday the preparation team of Christian TV program came to České Budějovice. They were recording a speach with me (Martina) as mentor for this TV program. It was for the new episode with the main topic "broken heart". Please, pray with us for this TV program and for spirit change in Czech Republic.

TeenStreet-CE meeting in České Budějovice

Stephen Zoege from OM-Germany came to our office and we were talking about TeenStreet-CE in the future. TeenStreet-CE is for teens from Central and Eas Europe and from Balkans countries. The situation in Europe is changing and the economic situation in Czech Republic is changing too. Our country is much more ixpensive then 3 years ago (when TeenStreet-CE was starting) and since 2005 we are part of EU (non EU country need to have visa). Probably now is the time to move this TeenStreet-CE more to east where it will be more accesible for eastern and balkanien people. We decided to make a survey in countries from this part of Europe and in the beginning of March we will see some result of this survey. Please, pray with us to know God will for TeenStreet-CE in 2007 and then.

Big change in our life

Since 1st of January James take over bookkeeping of OM-Czech instead me (Martina). It is big change in my life because I did this job from 2000. Now I have taugh James how to do it. 

The New year of 2007

From 31st of December to 1st of January we spent time together with our youth group in Český Krumlov. We had very good time. We were playing games, watching movie, prayed for each other, worship God and sharing about our life.

Christmas celebration

Yestarday our church had a Christmas celebration. We have this event each Christmas and people from our church usually prepare a program (music, drama, video). It is good opportunity to invite our relatives and friends to be with us and hear about Jesus. Teens from our youth group in Český Krumlov have their worship group and they were performing there. 
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