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TeenStreet presentation in Slovakia

Michal and Pavel (field leader of OM-ČR) were in Slovakia at the meeting of church youth leaders. The meeting was from 13th to 14th of December and Michal presented TeenStreet-CE conference there.  

The wedding in Prague

Two days ago we were going to Prague because yesterday James and Almut wedding was there. It was very nice for us to be with James and Almut in such importand day of their life.

TeenStreet-CE meeting in České Budějovice

Today we have had a preparation meeting of TeenStreet-CE in our office in České Budějovice. We shared some information from TeenStreet meeting in Mosbach and we were talking about TeenStreet-CE in 2007. The main issue is that we don´t have enough people for preparation team and for key position and there are some another issues which are necessary to be solved.

Youth group meetings in České Budějovice

When we came back from the USA (ImagiNations training) the situation in our youth ministry changed. In České Budějovice there were two groups of teens. One of the younger teens and the other of older teens. These older teens (they are 18 and older) need more independence and more opportunity to serve each other. Since October they have had most of their youth meeting without us and try to prepare their own program (bible study, prayers, worchip). We only help them and we have a personal meeting with them. The group of younger teens has meeting each Friday together with us and in this time there are 3 girls.

Youth group in Český Krumlov

In Český Krumlov we have youth group meeting each Saturday and we are very glad because the new teens come. Most of them have studying at the grammar school in Český Krumlov. Since this November the prayer meeting have started at the grammar school each Tuesday from 2:30 p.m. Michal visited the director of the grammar school and asked her to have a room for the prayer meeting at the school. We were praying very much for it because it isn´t usual to have such request in our country. The director asked Michal for more information about us, our church and the meeting and then she let us to have this prayer meeting et the school in one schoolroom as school activity. It is very big miracle, praise the Lord. Now we have this prayer meeting reguralry there and teens invite their friends and schoolmate to join us but most of them are very closed. We hope God will work there and this prayer meeting is the beginning of many changes in the town and the whole area. Please, pray for it together with us.

A new art-music festival

During this meeting we were preparing a new evangelistic festival in Czech Republic. The first festival would be in 2008 and the program would contain from music, art workshops, seminars and so on. The goal group are non Christian teens from our country. 


Exit316 is the name of the Christian television program in Czech Republic. The creators of Exit316 asked as to record a speach for one episode as mentors. Each episode has the main topic and it is contain from a music and clips, a testimony and a short speach of mentors. The main topic of this episode was "blame". The recording was in Brno (town at Moravia).

The first day at the university

This day was my (Martina) first day at the university. I have been stadying the university since this October. The main topic of my study is Pedagogy for free time. It is necessary to have this education for the ministry with kids and teens in our country. 

TeenStreet meeting in Mosbach

TeenStreet meeting was from 11th to 14th of this month in Mosbach. We were talking about TeenStreet in the future around the World because many new conferences are starting in the next months or years (Australia, Malajsia, South Africa...). Dane and Suzie Potters passed on TeenStreet in Germany to Josh and Debs Walkers since 2007. During the meeting there were several another points which we discussed not only about TeenStreet generally but about TeenStreet-CE in Czech Republic too. The plan is that the main theme Contagious is starting at TeenStreet-CE in 2007 and Josh and Debs are comming as the main speakers.

Six weeks with imagiNations'06

Today we returned from our six week training in Marlette,MI. We did not have time to have some distant evaluation of this time, but we'd love to share only small bit from what we did all that time.

We spent these 6 weeks in very small town (2000 inhabitants) in the heart of a thumb of Michigan - Marlette with other nine youth workers - Ryan(WI,USA), Simone(D), Jeremy(Malaysia), Barbara(D), Natasha(Russia), Ricky(MI,USA), Timmy(Nothern Ireland/D), Yarko & Corina (Chille).

The training was modular - every week was one module with different topic and slightly different week schedule.

Week #1 - Meeting to Mentor
Week #2 - SIMPLE Communications
Week #3 - conneXellence
Week #4 - P.O.W.E.R. with Chip Kirk
Week #5 - Creativity
Week #6 - putting it all together - youth work back home

 Beside all the training sessions we visited two times a week local community schools (Monday - Marlette Middle School, Thursday - Marlette High School), we had one prayer afternoon (and/or morning) and we had few assignments for our lessons (we've been finishing these during our nights). We spent some time with our team members, our host family and also with local comunity and local teens. We atended many community evens (sports, homecoming, halloween...), we tryied to be valuable members of local churches. We two (Martina & Michal) find home in our host family Don & Sherryl Potter and in small church fellowship Lion of Juda. be continued


ImagiNations has become reality for us. We are now in Marlette, Michigan for 6 weeks. Our flight was on 14th of September and we were flying from Vienna to London and from London to Detroit in Michigan, USA. The flight was good, the weather was very nice and we could watch the land under us (even Greenland with snow). Dane and Suzie Potter collected us at airport in Detroit with other participants of ImagiNations and took us to Marlette.
In Marlette we stay by Kathleen in her house. Kathleen is elderly lady who lives alone with only her little dog.
During first few (orientation) days we got acquainted with each other and with the town. Marlette is small nice and quiet town where are three schools – elementary, middle and high school. We visited middle and high school at first week and now we will go there each Monday and Thursday to be with the students during their lunch time.
We have usually Bible study and lesson during morning and afternoon approximately till 3 p.m. Then we have free time for rest or for time with teens or for preparation for the next day (yes, we do have homeworks). We like to spend our free time at CC (cyber café) where are teens usually spending their free time or we attend local community events, like American football or soccer which are favorite sports here.
Please, pray for us and our time in Marlette to step into God’s will for us in this place and to meet some teens and to be them good mentor.

Please, pray for our teens in Czech Republic during the time we are gone.

Picture gallery from imagiNations06 is here.

Exit 316 - started today

Today before our regular prayer walk we spent some time with Vlaďka and her new born girl (Terezka) and as the time went we realized that we can watch together the first episode of EXIT 316. This 20 minute program will be broadcasted on Czech TV 2nd channel (The Czech Republic's "NBC") every wednesday at 6:05 PM starting from today (September 6, 2006) till Christmass. This first episode was introductory, the topic was The Other Dimension. There were two angel-like characters Krištof and Tina guiding  through their report they prepare for their TV in Heaven. They just introduced themselfs and were sharing about an other dimension of living; the dimension we (humans) do count with, but we do not believe to, because we do not see it. There were few nice topic which can introduce good discussions after wathing the programm, there was two testimonies of interesteting people, one video clip (Swithfoot this time), survey... It went so fast and it was so full of things to think about, that we did want to have more :-)... It is just nice start for discussuion about christianity with the people who watch that, ...realy realy... So, pray with us please for that great oportunity we have in Czech Republic  to introduce Christianity to teens in their way, Christianity which is not dead but living hope and good news, changing lives forever...

If you'd like to see the episode as well you can have a look  here in the archive of Czech TV, there are published all broadcasted episodes of the program (so then only the first one by now).

New evang-art-fest born

This Monday in the evening we were in Brno (capital town of Moravien part of Czech Republic) and we had meeting there with some people who are involved in preparation of new evangelistic Art-musical fest in Czech Republic. The main idea is to have the good festival for teens where could came Christians teens with their friends who don’t know Jesus and spend three or four days together. There should be offered many opportunities how to spend the time – different kind of music and artistic creative activities. We would like to have there some places for prayer, worship and sharing Gospel. People will have opportunity to know more themselves, speak about their problems with counselors and get some new contacts. There should be fun activities as well :-).
This meeting was the first (somewhat more informational) and now we will continue to prepare more details. The first fest should be started in 2008.
Please, pray for this fest, for preparation, wisdom for us and another people who prepare the fest with us, for following God’s will in it, for the right place for this fest and for people who should came to this fest. We desire to see how the God will praise in our country through this fest.

Youth camp in Buková

At the end of main school holiday we spend several days together with our youth group. We were in the small vilage 30km far from České Budějovice. There is very nice camp were are the small cotages, kitchen and living room. There were teens from our youth group in České Budějovice and Český Krumlov and two teens from Prague, Markéta and Štěpán. It was nice time when we spent a time in prayers, worship and study Bible. Each morning we had a time for prayers in the small group of two or three, we read Bible and shared about what God showed us throught this part of Bible and in prayers. After this time we were worshiping God and were praying for aech other and for the day. In the afternoon we were playing games, voleybool, painting T-shirts or we had walks through the forest. The most favourite activity was mushrooms hunting or exploring the pond on the boats. One day we visited a small factory whitch produce traditional czech sweet wafers, the hot wafers were delicious.
We studied book of Daniel from the Bible. We thought about his live, friendship with God and we tried to apply all that to our lives.
The last day Hanka (girl from our youth group in České Budějovice) received a letter from the school. She finished her study at high school at the end of June and she wonted study at the next school for social worker. We pray for it and in the letter there was writen that she can start her study at this school. She were very glad but her parents don’t because the school is in Prachatice (the small town 30 km far from České Budějovice) and she must stay there whole week at school hostel. It is the first time when she is out from her home and mainly her mother is very fixated to her. But she started her school there but she is under big pressure because this situation is very new  for her  as well as it is hard for her to be out from her home. She feels very alone there. Please, pray for Hanka, her friendship with Jesus, for new Christian friends in the new place and for situation in her family.

TeenStreet in Germany

Last week we were at TeenStreet in Germany. The main theme was Metamorphosis and it was about changing our heart from an egg to a butterfly which is able to fly on the wind of Holy Spirit. These theme will be our main theme at next TeenStreet-CE in 2007. We were observing, listening and thinking how to prepare the Metamorphosis for TeenStreet-CE in Czech Republic. We had several meetings with program people (Josh and Debs Walkers) and with Georgio from Italy who will lead the band at TeenStreet-CE. We met Allister and Peter - international coordinators of TeenStreet, and several other people who were interested in TeenStreet-CE. Some new OM home offices (countries) would like to send their teens or service people to TeenStreet-CE in 2007. Several next countries would like to start TeenStreet in the future and our TeenStreet-CE will be open for people from these countries to see how it works and what is necessary to prepare and how.

At TeenStreet in Germany there are around 4000 people and the main speakers there were Josh & Debs Walker and Dan&Suzie Potter. The next TeenStreet in Germany will be in Oldenburg and the main theme will be Contagious (the main theme for TeenStreet-CE in 2008).

You can see more pictures here.

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