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Kristfest is a festival for Christian's teens in Czech Republic for a week. We were there only 2 days as we were invited to meet with coordinators of this festival. We talked about their and our visions for the work in our country among young generation and thought how to establish a partnership with each other. These meetings were good and now we pray for God's leading in it. Our common vision is to form a youth group net across our country and then to affect whole Czech Republic together. Now each church and youth group works alone in the place where they are. It is very good but the youth groups and churches are very small and often they haven't enough strength, possibilities and facilities and sometimes they haven't any long-term plan how to affectively affect people around them. We would like to cooperate to create this youth group net in the future but now it is question how to do it. Next common vision is to have some very practical training for youth group leaders in Czech Republic with nowadays methods how to lead and equip teens and how to be their mentors.

In the future we would like to prepare evangelistic weekend in České Budějovice which is called in 2008. Young people from the youth group net will come to České Budějovice and together with local church and youth groups will work in the town during whole week. They will cooperate with local government and they will do what will be helped in the town. At weekend will be evangelization for teens. Please, pray for God will with us, for His wisdom and leading us in it.

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imagiNations'06 and visa application

We would like to be involved in the youth leader's training in Czech Republic. In Czech Republic several churches offer youth leader's trainings but most of these trainings mostly do not offer recent methods for teaching and leading youth. During TeenStreet we met a lot of youth leaders and often they were very good in organization, in structure but they hadn't experiences how to be mentors because they have never experienced it in their own life. They were able to fill in some structure and prepare a good teaching but often without any interaction with the teens or without ability to change what is necessary to fit into the situation of teen's life and God will. We would like to contribute to leaders training in our country with some program which will equip youth leaders to touch nowadays post-modern young generation very creatively, interactively and affectively and teach them to be not only leaders but to be mentors for their teens. For fulfillment of this vision we need to be more equip and then we looked for some kind of training for us. We prayed for it and then we decided to go to imagiNations. ImagiNations is the special training for youth leaders and for those who lead other youth leaders. ImagiNations isn't only teaching but it is very practical training among teens. Dan and Suzie Potter, the main program coordinators of TeenStreet, lead this training in USA. ImagiNations take 6 weeks and each day we will have a teaching and bible study during the morning then we will have a lunch at school together with students and the rest of day we will spend with teens – chatting, playing games, having some programs. We will be in the church and we will lead there a small youth group. Now we pray for God's leading through imagiNations and for His wisdom how to help the youth group leaders in our country. Please, pray for us and for money for the trip to imagiNations as well :).
We're praising our Lord because I've (Martina) got a visa to USA.

Baptisms in our church

Today was nice day because 10 people from our church were baptised included one girl Tereza from our youth group. Several days before baptism we met together with Tereza and we spoke about her decision and about her friendship with Jesus. We were sitting in nice garden in Český Krumlov, drinking tea and had very good time. Tereza's parents are Christian but the rest of her family not. We pray for them and their salvation. Tereza studies at grammar school and her schoolmate Jarča was with us at our canoeing and she was very interested about Jesus. Now we pray for her and her attending at our youth camp at the end of August. Jarča lives only with her dad (her mum died) and her dad sometimes drink a lot. Please, pray for Jarča and her dad that Jesus will become their Lord and will change their lives.

TeenStreet-Central Europe in 2006

People from program team came to České Budějovice one week before the TeenStreet-CE started and they prepared TeenStreet-CE program. TeenStreet-CE was located at the university campus in České Budějovice in first week of July. The main theme was Time machine this year – we live now in the presence but we have some past and some future. What we live now in this minute it will be our past in next moment and what was the future it is our present now. It is very important how we live at present because we form our past and the future too in one moment. We should remember the future and live now – it was the main idea of TeenStreet-CE in Czech Republic in 2006.

Teens with their group leaders came on Saturday of 1st July from different countries – Czech R., Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Albania, Northern Ireland and USA. It was wonderful to see all the teens from very different countries, cultures and languages speak to each other, worship God and pray for each other, laugh or cry together. The band came from Italy and from England and led us into God's presence in worship during main programs in the mornings and during Throne Room at evenings. Sound engineers came from Poland. Many people served at TeenStreet-CE in service team, leading workshops, seminars and serving in broad spectrum of services.

God blessed us all a lot and He changed not only lives of teens but also their leaders and all other people in there. Praise God for what He did during TeenStreet-CE and what He does in teens live.

We spoke to many teens and sometimes we could help to them with some advice but in many times we could “only” stay in prayers and support them because they live in very complicated situation in their family or in addiction or obsession. Specially one boy Filip.He is 15 years old and he is very ill. His bones are deformed and his muscles are dying. He is very weak and often very tired. He has three siblings and two from them and his dad have the same illness as Filip. Filip's parents are Christians but they are very broken and it influence Filip and his siblings a lot. Filip was at TeenStreet-CE and he was encouraging others there, prayed for them, listened them, gave them same nice little presents. He was very happy until he should go home. Then he was in depression and he was telling us his whole story about his depression from family situation. He often cut and destruct himself as his calling for help. He hasn't people around him to support him but he needs support to be with the very close friendship with Jesus during the whole year. We were very sad and helpless because we couldn't help him to be free from his family and from this hard situation. We live in another place of our country and it isn't possible to be in close touch with him as he would wish to have. But God knows Filip and his situation, He is with him all the time and He can change his situation. God is the hope for Filip and we pray for His help and His miracle. Please, pray for Filip and his family with us.

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The concert of our youth group band @ TS-CE

At TeenStreet-CE there is special time after evening main program which is called Interaction zone. It is time for concerts, dancing, drama or some other show, and/or just a time to hang with other in TeensCafe. This TeenStreet-CE teens from our youth group have performed there with their worship band. It was fantastic for us to see how God changed their life in a year. God put into them many talents and now He lead them to using this talents for His praise. For example Tereza. She is 13 and she has musical talent. Tereza has played piano many years but one year ago she got the idea to play drums and she tried it. At the first time she was able to play very well. For me (Martina) it was unbelievable because the drum player must do something different with each feet and something totally different with each hand but she was able to do it in right way in her first time. Now Tereza has drum's lessons and she is better and better. She thinks about music for God a lot and God shows her His truth. We believe that God has some plan how will be praised through the talent witch He put into Tereza. Please, pray for Tereza to not pass God will in her life.

Exit 316 – presentation in the churches

As ambassadors of the project Exit 316 (we wrote about the project here) we visited several churches – Baptist church in České Budějovice,Methodist church in Třeboň, Apostolic church in České Budějovice, World of Life in Prachatice and church Křesťanské společenství in České Budějovice. We spoke about project's vision and goal, showed the promotion video and gave answered on their questions. We prayed for Exit 316, churches in our country and for young people and their interest in this program and Jesus. People in the churches very interested in Exit 316 and they were very thankful to God for what He is doing and what He will do through Exit 316 in our country. They would like to receive new information and pray continuously for Exit 316 and for salvation of not only young people in Czech Republic.

You can see some pictures, here in our picture gallery.

Monika's performance

Monika is teen from our youth group in Český Krumlov and she study in Prachatice (it is 40 km from České Budějovice). At school she attend Christian drama group where there are 8 girls, not all are in the group are Christians. They prepare Christian drama and show the drama at school party, in old people's home and this drama what we watched was in the catholic church in Prachatice. The drama was about Jesus and His sacrifice.
For Monika it is very important to be with Christians because she is with Jesus only short time and she is suggestible by this world. Please, pray with us for Monika and her real and deep friendship with Jesus.

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Canoeing down the river Vltava

At the beginning of June our youth group did a canoeing down to river as usually each year. We like it very much because it is very informal time when we are altogether and our faith can be very practical in very usual situation but in very unusual situation too. This time is good time for our unbeliever friend who are with us. They can see our life and our faith and God can touch them. This year 6 friends of our teens were with us and God did many things in them and among us.
The weather wasn't so nice before we went, but we prayed for sunshine and warmer weather and God was listening. In the morning the sky was covered of cloud and the rain was coming. We asked teens if somebody would like to pray with us for the weather and we prayed. Our friends didn't trust that it could help (just to pray) but we prayed continually whole morning. The rain did not come and the sun started to shine. We praised God and worshiped God.
Canoeing, it is very famous activity in Czech Republic and many people do it and drink alcohol a lot. We met a lot of people on the river and they were drunk and they were very vulgar without any boarders. It was very sad for us but our friends compared our group with them and they were interested what make this big difference in our life and we had opportunity to speak about God with them.
Several people drowned during this summer in our country because drunk and we found one drowned body in the water during our canoeing weekend. It was big challenge for teens to think about life, borders, decision, death, their relationship with God and we had many opportunities to speak about very deep think in our life.
Now we pray for our friends – Pavel, Štěpán, David, Jarča, Veronika a Jakub and for their salvation.
We pray especialy for Jakub because his mum Alice is from our church and whole her family disagree with her faith and her marriage is very near to break-up. Please, pray with us for Alice and her family, for her son Jakub and for other friends who were with us on canoeing.

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Church community social meeting

Since February we have a church community social meeting usually on the last Sunday in a month. The meeting starts with lunch and then we have time for chatting and sharing. In March we presented TeenStreet (international Christian conference for youth) and today we spoke about a new Czech project Exit 316.

Interdenomination prayer meeting Jericho

One church (KS/Christian Fellowship) in České Budějovice arrange a monthly prayer meeting and invited Christians from all local churches. They prayed for the people in České Budějovice, churches, our country, government and so on. They worshipped God and shared their live with Him. At this prayer meeting we presented the Exit 316 project and encouraged Christians into the regular prayers for this project.

10 anniversary of church foundation in Český Krumlov

This Saturday we were in the church “World of Life” in Český Krumlov where there was the anniversary celebration. The youth group from this church, which we lead, has had their own worship group and they led one part of worship time. They did pray for this performance and God answered their prayers. It was very nice and they were encouraged very much. Praise the Lord.

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Easter trip

In Czech Republic here was very long winter for us and a lot of snow everywhere. One week before Easter, it was snowing and no sign of Spring but we believed that the Spring would come. During Easter the sun was shining, snow disappeared and the first flowers blossomed, and everyone was encouraged. Monday was a public holiday and we took our teens to Tereza Valley. It is nice place near a small town Nové Hrady and we went by bus from České Budějovice. We talked, played games and had a fire and roasted sausages. It was time of relaxation and we had a good time together. The night before the trip, ,it was raining and I was woke up to the sound of the rain. I prayed for a good weather, sunshine and that the rain would stop. In the morning the sun was shining and we praised God. But during the day the rain started again several times. We prayed always and asked God to stop the rain and God answered our prayers and  the rain was gone immediately. Teens were encouraged because some nonbelievers’ parents were very skeptical in the morning and asked their teens to stay at home. As we were going home, we saw that nearly everywhere around Nové Hrady had rain during the whole day. It was amazing as God answered our prayers and teens could see that God is good all the time.

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Exit 316

Today we woke up at 3 a.m. because we were going to Malenovice in Moravia (Moravia it is eastern part of Czech Republic). There is a Christian youth academy there (part of JosiahVenture, a mission in CZ / / ) and at 9 a.m. there were a meeting for youth leaders from different denominations of Czech church and Christian youth organizations. These people participate in leadership of a project called Turbo 316 which is a supportive project of Exit 316. Exit 316 works in cooperation with Czech TV and the Christian youth academy. It will be 20 minute-long programme which will be broadcasted weekly. The target group will be youth between 15 and 17 years of age. Each part of this programme will be about different topic which is somewhat connected to the youth lives such as conflict, love, relation, sex, drugs and so on. Exit 316 would like to provoke youth and young people to ask questions themselves about their lives goal, about values and about solving their life situation and problems. During the meeting we talked about Turbo 316 – its’ goal is to mobilize Czech churches and encourage them to step into this open door from God to Czech society and Czech people. We think about different opportunities how to make the best of Exit 316 for evangelization. Exit 316 will be broadcasted from September to December 2006 and till this time we want to present this project in each church in our country and to train around 2000 young Christians to lead a small school or home youth groups. It is a lot of work in very short time and we need God´s help and your prayers. 

TeenStreet-CE reunion

Prague is the place where we have usually a reunion meeting for TeenStreet participants once a year. Teens, group leaders and people from service team come to the meeting from all over Czech Republic. There were teens who never been at TeenStreet but who interested in it. We played games, watched pictures or video from the last TeenStreet, enjoyed some food, worshipped God, prayed and shared. We promoted TeenStreet Central Europe in July 2006 and Project Exit 316 too. It was very good time for us, teens and other people with God and being altogether. We met Jakub Guttner who was at TeenStreet-CE last year (in 2005) as an interpreter. Jakub said that it was a great experience for him. Jakub and his wife have had a stressful time before TeenStreet and they were losing their very close friendship with God. During TeenStreet God talked to them and touched their hearts. They were very encouraged to new very close friendship with Jesus and a lot of things changed from TeenStreet in their live. Jakub promised us to be at TeenStreet this year as the interpreter again. We are very glad from his testimony.

Holiday in Egypt

At the end of April we had a holiday. We went to Egypt for 9 days and it was very fantastic time for us. We stayed in the town of Sharm El Sheikh at sea coast of Red sea. The water was warm and very clean and full of colorful corals, fishes and other sea animals. The weather was wonderful and Egyptians were very friendly and pleasant. One night we went to the desert and we were stepping up on Mount Sinai where Moses had met God and had received the Ten Commandments. We went there during the night and then saw the sunrise on the top. It was amazing view when around us there were very large and deep desert. Another day we were in Cairo where we visited the national museum, the papyrus factory, the perfume factory and pyramids in Giza. A lot of time we spent on a beach, swimming and snorkeling. Thank God for this time in Egypt.

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