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Spring holiday

During the Spring teens had a school holiday and we got together in Habří (small village near České Budějovice). Even though it was Springtime, outside there were a lot of snow. During this time we talked about Mark 11:12-14 and 11:20-26. There is the story about the fig tree which Jesus withered and the fig tree dried. After that we talked about the mountains in our life to which we can speak to be removed from our life to the sea. But sometimes it could look as the fig tree, we have to speak to mountains roots but it take some time till the tree will dry or the mountain will be removed. We should be relentless and not step aside till the mountain is there in our life.

One evening, Kristýna had pain in her stomach. We prayed to God and asked Him for His help and recovery but nothing happened. We prayed several times again but without any answer. Kristýna went for very short walk with her two friends, and while they were gone, Kristýna prayed and God gave her the answer. She had something in her life what wasn´t confessed to God and God said that it is the obstruction for His answering. Kristýna confessed it to God and His answer came immediately - the pain was gone. Kristýna was very glad and encouraged of this. Praise God.

You can see more pictures here

Šumák-church service for youth

The youth from our church prepare the youth church service that’s held quarterly and called "Šumák." This church service isn’t only for teens from our youth group but it is for all teens from our town. Teens can invite their friends and schoolmates. The last "Šumák" was Saturday 4.3.2006 and teens gave their testimony, presented a sketch about sin in our lives, and a youth worship band led us to God’s presence and prayers. Michal preached about Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-7). The preaching was about the differences between Cain’s and Abel’s offering, about sin, and how we can live our lives in having victory over sin because of Jesus.

Each "Šumák" has the main theme and the last was about orange. The orange is very good but only if we peel its and it is like our live and our service. In our life there are a lot of not so good things and we must take away as the peel from the orange and let God use us for His ministry.

This "Šumák" was about cocktail. The cocktail is made from several different things-juice, fruit, ice, milk, sugar and so on. Everything is good but only together, does it make a cocktail. And that’s like the church. Each person has some gifts from God and passion for some ministry and it is very good but only if we are together, then it is complete.

TeenStreet preparation meetings

TeenStreet-Central Europe in 2006 is coming and we have the new website in Czech and English. The main theme for 2006 is “Time Machine” and we are preparing a lot of things for this event. Michal and I (Martina) are responsible for preparation of TeenStreet for Christian teens from the countries in Central Europe and Balkans but we are not alone in the work. On February 20.-21, we met with the home office coordinators and the other people who have the responsible role in TeenStreet-CE. We talked about preparation, main theme, about what is necessary to be done, which key person are missing us and so on. For us it was very good time and we are very glad for these people who are in this ministry with us.

We are going to Mosbach (Germany) in next few days to meet with other people who prepare TeenStreet in Germany but not only there. When we have been there last time there were people who are responsible for TeenStreet in Germany, Uruguay, Malaysia, Brazil, India and Portugal. In Mosbach, we will meet with Josh and Debs Walkers who will be the main speakers at TeenStreet-CE in Czech Republic in 2006.

If you would like pray for TeenStreet-CE in 2006 see following list:

  • enough participants and their group leader
  • people for key position
  • enough people for service team (praying team, security...)
  • whole preparation and program team
  • money which will covered expenses of teens from Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia)

If you would like help us during TeenStreet-CE in 2006, you can be part of our preparation team, you can come at TeenStreet-CE, you can lead seminars or workshops, or you can be part of online prayer team (just send us your email address and we will send you daily prayer requests).

More pictures from the meeting in Mosbach are here.
Do not forget to visit webpage of TeenStreet-CE 2006 -

New youth group in Český Krumlov

At the end of the last school year,we were asking our Lord how to proceed with His youth ministry that we lead in our church. Some youth started their studies at universities in other towns. The youth group in the church in České Budějovice got smaller and we were looking for the right way for the ministry. We were asking ourselves: „Is it a new ministry at the schools, is it some another ministry or what is it where we should go?“ We were thinking about it during the whole public school holiday (July and August in our country) and prayed for answers. An the end of the schools holiday came an answer from a direction that we didn’t expect.

Our local church consists of two churches in two cities – in České Budějovice and in Český Krumlov. The youth group meetings were only in České Budějovice but during the schools holiday few teens from the church in Český Krumlov received Jesus into their hearts. One possibility was to come every Friday to the youth meeting in České Budějovice and another possibility was to start youth group in this town. (These two towns aren’t so far from one town to another town, only 20 km.) After we prayed we decided for second option – to start a youth group in Český Krumlov.

For teens is very important to have a friendship each other and to have a place where they can invite their friends – play games or sports, go shopping, get an ice cream, chat and so on. For those reasons, it is much better to have their youth group in the town where they live and therefore we were starting the youth meetings from the beginning of September in Český Krumlov. There is group of 8 teens from 11 to 17 years old and we meet every Saturday. Each of these teens is from a Christian family or has received Christ. Some from this teens went to Sunday school, but not all, so we have started with basic Bible study. They love worship time and chatting about their faith, Bible and/or their lives. They usually have many questions and we look for the answers together. We play games, build friendships and get to know each other.

If you would like to pray for us and the teens, please, pray for:

  • Monika, Luki and Pavlínka – they are siblings and all received Jesus as their Lord but their lives are more about sports, TV, boyfriends than about a real friendship with Jesus
  • Petr and Martin – they‘re brothers who are still unbelievers
  • Kristýna – she received Jesus and needs regular teaching but she is often missing the youth meetings and church service
  • Tereza – she received Jesus and she‘s very in love with Jesus and is very hungry about Bible study and time with God and with another teens from our youth group
  • Petra – she is classmate of Tereza, she received Jesus and Tereza leads her close to God, Petra’s family isn’t Christian
  • Madlenka – her faith is still more about the faith of her parents then her own
  • Adélka – friend of Madlenka, she is very ill because of strong diabetes

Some pictures are in gallery here and here.

“Mini” in the new school year

We recently wrote about a small youth group what we have lead during the school year in Trhové Sviny, a small town near České Budějovice. During the school holidays a question was before us: “How we should proceed with the meetings of this group in the new school year?” We prayed about it and looked for God’s will. At the end we decided to moved the meetings to České Budějovice because two girls who have been attending this meeting, Šárka and Míša, as well as a new girl, Monika, started new schools in České Budějovice. Monika lives in the small town Velešín and her family is very Catholic. Monika received Jesus one year ago, but her family is strongly against it. She wasn’t allowed to attend our youth group anywhere but now that she studies in České Budějovice, it is possible to stay with us after school is finished. Monika is very glad about it and we are also. We meet together on Tuesday afternoon and we share, pray, study the Bible, worship and if the girls have some question about the teaching, we help them.

We are very glad if you will pray for Šárka, Míša and Monika and for us too:

  • for Šárka who has atheist parents who are not very glad about her faith and her friendship with us
  • for Míša who has the same problem as Šárka and now she is losing her faith to Jesus. We are trying to talk with her about it, but she won’t speak about it anymore
  • for Monika who is interested in spiritism a lot and she needs to be strong in her faith to Jesus on Biblical basis. And for her Catholic family
  • for us (Martina and Michal) for God’s wisdom and God’s leading of us as we lead this group

Second Anniversary of Youth Ministry in our Church

In autumn of 2005 we had a special celebration party for teens, their parents and all people from our church. We went through whole year and remembered what we have done and how we have spent the year. We looked at pictures from the summer camp for teens in Hojná Voda (Hojná Voda it is small village near the border of Austria). Our youth group was there the last week of summer school holiday and we talked about Nehemiah. Nehemiah had been God’s leader of Israel and his job was to rebuild Jerusalem. He split the people of Israel into two groups – one had been building the wall around of Jerusalem and second had been prepared to fight. We should build God’s kingdom and to be prepared for the fight to take this land from devil for God.
We also remembered the time we were in Habří (Habří is the small village near České Budějovice where we live) where we have been two times with our teens. The first time we were there in autumn and second time during the end of 2005. During this time we talked about Mark 4:1-20. The morning we spent personal time with God and thought about God as our Good Shepherd. The afternoons we played games and walked outside, and the evening we talked about the parable of the sower.

TeenStreet in Germany

After TeenStreet Central Europe in Czech Republic we went to TeenStreet in Germany but without Czech teens. The main theme for this TeenStreet was „Time Machine“ and it will be probably the main theme for TeenStreet Central Europe 2006. We wanted to hear the programme, see the decorations and to speak about next year with the program people and with international leader of TeenStreet and other people. We talked about a lot of very important things which were connected with TeenStreet Central Europe.

All the week we served there too and our ministry during TeenStreet in Germany was to hand out the translation headsets.

Pictures are here.

TeenStreet – Central Europe 2005 (II.)

OM-Czech Republic participated in TeenStreet in Germany since 1998. In 1998 only home office representative was there but in 1999 there were several groups with their coaches. From that year, about 60 people (included teens, coaches, counselors and home office representative) were at TeenStreet each year. My (Martina’s) first TeenStreet was in 2000 and I served there as “M&M” (Ministry & Management). “M&M” couple are people (man and woman) from home country and their ministry is to help, support and minister to the coaches. It was very good time for me and I shared about it with Michal. One year later (2001) the field leader of OM-Czech asked us to coordinate the Czech group for TeenStreet in Germany. It was something God had spoken about with us already half year before that. We agreed and our first step in this role was the TeenStreet preparation meeting in Mosbach in November 2000.

We went to TeenStreet in Germany several times and at the beginning we didn’t think about the same event in Czech Republic. But then we saw that more and more people were coming every year to TeenStreet in Germany, but only few groups from the Eastern European and Balkans countries because of price, distance and cultural difference. We thought about this and about a chance to bring more people to TeenStreet in Germany from these countries. During this time, we also had the idea about having another TeenStreet in Europe. We prayed about this and talked about it with God.

Sometime later, the leaders of international TeenStreet started to think about the second TeenStreet in Europe and asked us to start the TeenStreet Central Europe. It was big challenge for us because we would like to do it but Michal had his job and I (Martina) worked in OM-Czech as volunteer, doing bookkeeping. To coordinate TeenStreet for Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans meant to be in OM full time as missionaries. We prayed about it and we asked our pastors and church what they thought about it. It was very important for us to be supported and sent by our church not only to have a finance support but mostly to have prayer support and to have our net. God is good and He spoke to our pastors and also to our brothers and sisters in the church. They encouraged us to step in this ministry. It took more time but from January 2005, we are in OM-Czech as full-time missionaries and our responsibility is TeenStreet Central Europe (Michal’s responsibility is AITA role too and I’m still a bookkeeper of OM-Czech and OM-Central Europea Area). We live in České Budějovice, which is also where the base of OM-Czech and our church is located. So therefore we can continue our youth ministry in our local church.

TeenStreet in Czech Republic is not only for Czech but it is also for people from Central and Eastern Europe and from Balkans.

The first TeenStreet Central started 2 July 2005 in České Budějovice on southbohemian university campus. There were about 60 teens from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Other people (coaches, service team, home office representatives) were from the the same countries, as well as Hungary, Poland, Italy, USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, South Korea, Sweden, Holland and Northern Ireland. There was altogether more then 170 people. Some stayed the whole week; some only few days. People served in different areas – decoration team, program team, band, seminar/workshop leader, security team, cleaning team, KidStreet, info desk, public relation, sound team, prayer team, translation area, counseling and so on. These nice people were around us during the preparation time and during the event too and it was amazing to serve God with them. For many people from our church and also for teens from our youth group it was fist time when they served God and with people in an international surrounding. Many of them experienced for the first time, what is it to serve across a nationality, culture, denomination, language and age barrier and were amazed how surprisingly easy is to work together as one body if God is uniting us.

The main theme for this first TeenStreet Central Europe was „Wild Kingdom“ and we were thinking about King of this Kingdom and about servants who are living in this Kingdom. Who is the King and what is He like, what is His intention, what it is like to have friendship with Him, what is it like to be His servants....? We discovered who are the servants in this Kingdom, what is their work, what is their live and what is the lifestyle in this Kingdom and what is their relationship with their King...? We found the King’s will for us as His servants, we learned to be a net for other people around us and to support them and to serve them. We were encouraged to receive the support from people around us. We learned to walk on the King‘s path which is very narrow one. We thought about the walls in our lives which are sometimes built before us and we searched for how to climb over this walls and with whom. We discovered that this Kingdom is totaly different from the kingdom of the world and that is the question: how to have our home in the Wild Kingdom and to live in our world?

Teens spent all week in their small groups with their coach – prayed together, talked about this topics, played games, learned a new things and skills during the time of workshops and seminars. The program team had a good teachings during daily main programs and the band led us into the worship of God and to silent time before God’s throne. The small amount of participants at TeenStreet Central Europe allowed really personal contact between the programme people and teens and their coaches. It was very good for teens because they could see these people not only during the program. They could see their ordinary lives during the TeenStreet, they could talk to them, spend the lunch time around one table, play football and so on. Teens could take a part of program too with dance group and drama.

On Tuesday we had a special day - the „TNT day“. „TNT“ means „Teens Need Teens“ and it is a special project which is a part of TeenStreet. Teens support other teens which are living in a not good situation. In the past „TNT“ program supported Dalit teens in India (their education), orphans in Africa and this year we supported Hungarian gypsies who live in Ukraine. We prayed for them during the prayer morning, collected money for them and we did a special support prayer walk/run for them. On Thursday we had a fasting day.

Three newsletters were published during TeenStreet Central Europe and you can read them on this web page, too. TeenStreet Central Europe finished on 9th July but we have already started to prepare the next TeenStreet Central Europe in Czech Republic in 2006. TeenStreet Central Europe 2006 is planned from 1-8 July. Please praise God for all the good he has done during the TeenStreet Central Europe in Czech Republic and pray for TeenStreet Central Europe 2006. Thank you for standing with us and allowing God to work in Central Europe in this special way.

Pictures are here.

TeenStreet Central Europe in Czech Republic

TeenStreet Central Europe in Czech Republic just ended and we're finishing all the administrative stuff so we're late with our blog entries. We'd love to share how good our God is, and how we saw his hand during the TeenStreet-CE at least in following material.

Because a lot of stories and information is writen in TeenStreet-CE news; so you can download them in PDF format below and have some taste how the TeenStreet-CE was..

Sound track of the TS-Jingle Welcome to the Wild Kingdom is here (MP3/908kB).
Sound record of all the main programs from TeenStreet-CE in MP3 format is here.


A lot of teens from our youth group love the English worship group “Delirious?” We always check their web pages if their concert is somewhere around Czech Republic. On 26 June they were in Vienna, Austria, which is only 2,5 hours far from České Budějovice by car. So, it was very good opportunity for us to go there, so we (Michal and Martina) took eight teens from our youth group. There was a big music festival on the large island in the middle of the city. The festival was not specifically Christian but a Christian group from Vienna rented one stage there and they ran a Christian program (concerts, evangelization) during the whole day. There were attractions for children and adults, too. We arrived two hours before the concert was supposed to start, so we rested at the bank of the Danube river. The weather was hot with sunshine and the water was cold and refreshing. We talked, ate together and played football and it was very nice time for us all. At the concert there where about 1000 people and a lot from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. We met several friends there. The concert was wonderful. It was the time in God presence, we prayed and worshipped God. The teens were encouraged and touched by God. It was very good time for us before the TeenStreet – Central Europe which was starting the weekend after the concert.

Pictures are here.

Canoeing on Vltava river

During the summer, a lot of Czechs usually board on canoe and sail on Czech rivers, sleep in a tent, sit by a fire, play a guitar and sing songs. We spent a weekend in canoes on Vltava river with our youth group the last weekend of May. (Vltava is the river flowing through České Budějovice.) We prayed for this time few weeks in advance – we prayed for the good weather (sunshine, without rain) and for the good amount of water in the river. God heard our prayer and the weather was amazing, the hottest weekend in whole summertime this year (till now end of July).

Marianne, the new missionary in our OM-Czech team, was with us. She was on the canoe for the first time but she took a fancy to this and she could get to know more about Czech culture and language.

Pictures are here.

Holiday in Croatia

The first week of May 2005 we spent in Croatia on holiday at a small chalet in the Croatian mountains. We had been preparing for TeenStreet since January, and I (Martina) had been working to meet a March 31 deadline to finish the OM-Czech bookkeeping for tax declaration. We had also spent a lot of our time with the youth group we lead, so we wanted to spend our holiday without a lot of people, without stress and without rush. The small Croatian village “Novy Tuk” was the right place for us and our holiday. “Novy Tuk” is in the mountains but not so far from the seaside where we could spend several days when the weather wasn’t so good. The weather by the sea was better if it was raining in the mountain. The landscape and scenery were wonderful. We had our bikes with us but the mountains paths weren’t so good for biking. On the other site the bikes were good for the seaside exploration.

We met several nice people. A church from Germany rents this chalet and they run it as a real chalet with accommodation and restaurant. Majority of the people who manage the chalet are the people who had or have some kind of addiction. They stay here without the influence of their family, friends, or gangs, but with a Christian coach. They also work here (manage kitchen, do the washing, clean up, do firewood and so on). Many are unbelievers but the biggest chance for a release from their addiction is if they receive Jesus. Jesus can help them much more than only people. If they receive Christ they become a part of Christian family. They have new friends, brothers and sisters and they can stay without their old background after they finish this program. While we were there one young man who had been in the program died because of drugs. He thought he was free from drugs and went back home but he didn’t receive Christ. It was so hard to stay away from his old gang and friends as he felt he was alone.

Please, pray for this church and for the people in the chalet. They need more Christian to take part in this ministry.

One night there was a family with small baby from Germany who were moving from to Montenegro. God called them for mission in Montenegro, so they packed their staff on the trailer and went. It was amazing time for us to spend time with these people. We were talking together about their ministry, their passion for the country they’ve been called to, about their church’s ministry (mission ministry in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia), about God’s vision for them, about their future, and about how God is great.

Please pray for this family and their mission in Montenegro. They plan to plant a church in the area where never been a Christian church – yes, there are still such areas in Europe!

More pictures here.

Prayer walk

I'm sitting in our office and writing several words about a prayer walk. One and half years ago God brought to my mind a thought about how important prayer is. We wanted to see change in our town and its' inhabitant's lives. But how do we do that? 

České Budějovice is in the south of Czech Republic and it is the biggest town here with about 100,000 inhabitants. Most of South Bohemia is non-reclaimed land without any people, towns or villages. There had been villages and small towns before World War II and the most of inhabitants had been German. After World War II, these people had to move to Germany. During Communism, there was a forbidden zone without any people. Now there is a wonderful countryside and a lot of tourists spend their holiday here. But there aren't churches, working opportunities, schools, shops.  It is a very difficult to live.

Team re-treat

From 24 to 28 March we will be at our team retreat in Germany. There will be teams from OM-Czech, Greater Europe and Hungary. It should be a time for Bible study, prayers, worship and personal rest.

Pictures are here.

Home group

Today is Monday and our home group's meeting finished a few minutes ago.

When we came to this church, we started attending a home group that included about 7 or 8 people with us (Michal and Martina). We met regularly each Monday in the our pastor's flat. It was great time for sisters and brothers, a Bible study, the prayers and sharing. Some left and some new people came. Last November there were between 12 and 15 people attending, so we decided to split up into two groups. Our pastor Karel and his wife Zdena lead one and we (Michal and Martina) lead the other one.

Now we study Acts, but we also pray for different things. New people have joined and now we are between 7-10 people.

Pictures are here.

Please, pray for Jiřina and Vláďa. Thay have 3 children (2 boys - Jakub and Vojta and 1 girl - Magda). The oldest son Jakub has a problem with drugs. He started using drugs 5 years ago and now he has big problems.....he lost his job and his flat; he is without money and his parents don't know what to do. He rejects therapy in the TeenChallenge's centre (he is an unbeliever) and sometimes his parents don't know anything about him. It is horrible situation for Jiřina and Vláďa.

And we have a another prayer point. Our friend Marek, who attends our home group, has been married to Katka for several years. Both received Jesus and led a ministry in the church. Then Katka started to have problems with her sexuality and identity. They prayed and asked a doctor for help but without any success. Katka lost trust in God and believes that she is a lesbian. Katka left Marek and now lives with her girlfriend. We pray for Katka and Marek and believe that God is greater and He can change this situation. Please pray with us for Katka and Marek.

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