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SLOT in Poland

On Wednesday we went to Karviná where we had a preparation meeting of X-Ray (new coming festival in Czech Rep.). Karviná is the town in the area of Czech Republic which is called Moravia and it is very near a border with Poland. In Karviná there is living Tibo with his family and Tibo is responsible for technical part of X-Ray with us. We talked together about how to prepare every equipment for festival (tents, stages, sound systems and so on), how to sort transportation, what is necesary to do in which day and so on. We had meetings with other people too in Karviná and Havířov. On Friday we went together with Tibo and Honza to Slot. Slot is a partnership art and music festival in Poland and theire leaders had invited us to see it. It was very good time for us to be there, attended their program, saw that place and administration. We enjoyed it very much.