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Music-art festival X-Ray

On Monday (21th) we went to Nesměř becauce from Manday to Thursday we were preparing that place for festival. We went with a group of people from our churche (mainly teens from our youth group). We were there with other people from other places in Czech Republic. On Thuesday early morning a truck with equipment arrived and preparation was started. It was rather hard time when large tents and stages were built, a lot of chairs and tables were moved, every place was decorated and whole area was marked by signposts. There weren't enough voluntaries and everybody was very tired. Every day we prayed for God's strentgh and encouragement and it was amazing to see so small group of teens and young people how they worked despite of theyr tiredness and exhaustion. On Thursday at 2 p.m. registration was started and participants was coming. A program took place on 9 stages, there were many workshops, seminars and concerts. We were a bit upset because not so many participants were coming but at the end we saw it was God's wisdom because we didn't had enough strentgh, experiences and voluntiers. Festival was good and nonchristians were coming too (as voluntiers and participants). A lot of things weren't so good but from that we have now a lot of experiences and ideas how to do it in another way for next year. But we see very clearly it is good and God's way how to touch young people in our country. Please, pray with us for following things:

- see God's way in this project

- involvement of Czech churches in festival

- finance (we have loss 10,000 EUR because we didn't have enough participants)

- more active leaders and voluntiers for preparation of X-Ray in 2009